Project Monzu is a mission, an endeavor, an act of disobedience against the ordinary and the monotony.

We're on an ongoing journey to provide you local, speedy, and official access to stylish, but uncommon designs and products by featuring a hand tested curation of unique bags and backpacks from exciting up and coming designers and brands. Through our house brand, we also pursue the creative joy of meticulous creation and exclusive collaboration.

Our official partnerships with indie designers, all of whom challenge and push boundaries without compromises with the products and collections that blossom each season, allows special access to items that we're excited to promote to all of us that are looking for something new, young, and refreshing.

While some of our partners may be international, we stock and ship all of our products from within the U.S. so that you can rely on local, reliable, and super fast shipping.

By combining the worlds of fashion and industrial design, our carefully curated selection provides unique and stylish bag and accessory solutions for your daily outing needs with concepts that are as unique and individual as you are.


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