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Project Monzu is a mission, an endeavor, an act of disobedience against the ordinary and the monotony.

We're a small design studio on an ongoing journey to find joy through the creative pursuit of meticulous creation along with a hand picked and hand tested curation of the bags and accessories that we use in our everyday lives. Items that top off and complete an outfit. We aim to challenge and push boundaries without compromises with the products and collections that blossom each season in our march forward.

Our present focus is currently on urban bags and backpacks, but we intend on expanding into a few special accessories and some handbags for women. We're really excited to share these designs in the upcoming months ahead, so stay tuned.

The products we offer are organized by both design series and by collections. This concept allows us the flexibility to freely and fully express the various facets of our imaginations. Our various design series represent the different philosophies that color our life and serve as overarching design languages. Within our collections, we aim to further organize products based on various themes and seasons. 

Often time, we also feature products from indie designers through our official partnerships too.

By combining the worlds of fashion and industrial design, we provide unique and stylish bag and accessory solutions for your daily outing needs with concepts that are as unique and individual as you are.

Join us and become a part of TEAM MONZU.